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Fitting and Gluing the Top

Next step I will fit and glue the top.

In the last step I only fit the back as I had to fit the top after fitting and before gluing the back. The bent sides had almost no spring back after bending but they are not a perfect fit. Using the spreading clamps and dowels the body was pressed into the form and the back was fit. Basically the shape was then decided.

In fitting the top I use the same method for holding the body in shape. However there was one difference in the fitting. On the back I notched the kerf linings out so the braces butted against the body on the inside. But on the top once I had everything lined up and marked I notched out the positions by cutting through the body.

The reason for the departure was simply ease of doing but also I wanted one plate to hold the shape. On the back the braces are 90 degrees to the center line while on the top plate the braces are angled to the center line. Notching out the positions on the soft wood with such an acute angle I probably would have made a mess of things. So I did the cut through method. Both ways are standard.

The cut through notch. After lining up and marking I cut out the first set on the top bout. These act as my position register. With the first set done I then mark out the positions of the X-brace notches.

A close up of the cut.

Check the fit.

Doubling as a clamp I drilled holes on the mold to accept the clamps.

I was stewing about how I was going to do this and then decided on this. I had the clamps from before and they worked perfect in the body mold.

The dry clamp; everything fits in place nicely. The top is slightly arched so I can’t put pressure across it flatly. In this case I use some spot cauls with cork on the bottom facing the soft spruce top.

A side view.

The glue-up.

The top glued in place.

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