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Gluing the Back to the Body

Moving along. By the way my domain access problem was fixed. The admin of the web hosting company found there was a setting fault on their firewall. So I am back in business.

In this post I will glue the back on. Last time I went through the steps for fitting and gluing the top. Before that I fit the back but didn’t glue it as the top has to be taken care of first. So now that the glue has dried, cured and I’ve had my cup of coffee it is time to attach the back.

I put some pads down on the lifters because the spruce top will sit on them. That is one thing about this project; you have to be very mindful of what the spruce top comes in contact with because it dents so easily.

Then I glue on some side struts to strengthen the quatersawn rosewood against splitting.

Here I use some dowels to spread the body to the back that was fit in a previous step. It is not unusual for the sides to crimp or splay a little when one side has been glued on. This time though I can’t use the spreading clamps.

Sorry folks no picture of the glue-up as it was done in the same manner as the top. After the glue up I mostly used my low angle block plane to flush up the back to the side. other tools I used to help out were a file and rasp.

Here you can see a side profile with the back flush cut to the side. The dowels just lifted out.

Another profile shot.

A few more steps and the body will be done. Getting there.

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