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Making and Gluing the End Graft

In the next step I will make and glue on the end graft. This is a tapered piece of quatersawn stock that seals up the tail end, where the bent sides come together.

For my end graft I am using some curly maple I have left laying around the shop from the Chef’s Prep Table I made last summer. This is where some luthiers get creative but this time I am doing a simple tapered end graft. I really like the tapered butt joint because it will be a perfect fit when it snugs up – no gaps.

My curly maple stock. For the taper I just eye the proportions. I think I had 35mm at the top and 12 at the bottom.

Put it in the vise and use a low angle to plane down to the line.

Ready to fit.

Marking the placement.

Start making a router jig.

The completed jig attached to the tail end of the body. Notice the napkin being used to protect the spruce top from the wood and clamping pressure. It worked great.

After a few test cuts on plywood I was able to set the correct depth. Here is a pic of the cut groove ready to accept the graft.

It fits perfect with almost no cleanup.

Glue it in place and clamp it with a caul.

A few hours later I took the clamps off and trimmed away the excess with a Japanese hand saw. Usually for this kind of flush cut trimming I lay a thin piece of protective stock and cut away carefully.

This turned out nicely. Once again I have confirmed best practice for so many things we do in woodworking are jigs and test cuts.

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