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Headstock Veneer

In this step I glue on some ebony veneer onto the headstock. For those of you that don’t know the headstock is the area where the tuners are at the end of the neck.

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This is some African ebony I had stashed away. If the price is right I often buy it for that something special. It will be the headstock veneer and fingerboard.

This is a rough idea of the headstock design. I put a couple of pin nails (0.9mm dia) in to keep the veneer from slipping when the glue is applied.

Trim the pin nails back.

Apply the glue.

Clamp ‘er all up.

Take the clamps off in a couple of hours and flush up the sides.

Level it with my 8″ sander. :rofl: Here is where I made a mistake though so I wasn’t really laughing. I fill you in in a moment.

The pencil line is where my nut is going to sit. So I sand back to this line on my 8″ sander keeping it square.

Just like that. But now I’m thinking about my slotted nut and where is my slot? :huh: Ya that’s right I sanded it off.

So I’m thinking about the solution for creating a step up for the slot. Do I take it down and start over? Or do I add another veneer? And that is what I did I added another 1mm veneer over top. So I had to cut a piece to match the run in the grain.

Then I penciled in some lines for where the new piece will come to and lined it all up with a square.

Once everything was in place I clamped it and taped it down on one end. (No pin nails this time because I was worried I would split the thin stock.)

Flipped it back and applied glue.

Roll it over into position and taped it down all around before clamping.

Once all the clamps and tape are off I had to sand back the 1mm step to make it 90 degrees. That is why I glued it on proud of the lines.

And that is a slotted nut (once the 7mm fingerboard is glued in place). Just as a side note some makers don’t slot the nut and it sits glued in place. For me though I wanted a slotted nut so I had to go back and do a fix.

One thing I love about woodworking is how repairable wood is. A mistake is not always a mistake. Take a step back and think about it. The solution will usually come.

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