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Shaping the Neck Part 2

Still continuing with shaping the neck. Today I worked on three areas; the volute, the heel and the neck itself. I only have pictures of the work being done on the heel and the neck. I will try to get some better shots of shaping the volute later.

Shaping the neck at this stage is actually not difficult. And I found it to be quite satisfying. I think most importantly you have to pay attention to certain lines and converging planes. If you do that once you have your basic shape hogged out it comes together quite naturally.

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Here I am taking it down to a certain thickness. This is a tapered plane. At the first fret it is 21mm and at the 10th fret it is 24mm. Several days ago I took the thickness down to about a millimeter off on my spindle sander. Today I used my rasp to take it down to almost final thickness.

Then I used a sanding block to level it out. I check often to make sure I don’t sand off too much.

Once I had a level plane properly taken down I drew three reference lines; one in the center and two 5mm offset on each side of the center. These lines I will use later.

Then I started on the heel taking excess off with the bandsaw. It is faint but you can see I cut about 1mm off the line.

Then I used my low angle block plane to take the heel at the joint (not cut yet) down to the line. Also I planed the shape of the end.

After I decided on my lines I began to rough out the shape with a rasp. At this point it is taking shape and you can see how important it is for different planes to merge smoothly.

After I got nice symmetrical lines on the heel I returned to the neck with my spokeshave and rasp. I hogged it out with a spokeshave and did a final rough shape with a rasp. Here you can see how I use the three lines for reference. I rasp close to the line – any hills or divots and I will be able to see it clearly.

Again I used a rasp to shape it close to the line but never touching it.

Right up to the line. Later I will blend it with final sanding.

After a 120 grit sanding is done I can feel the neck is smooth and evenly shaped. Again any hills or divots, etc. I can feel them.

Close up of the heel after sanding.

The finished neck – almost. The neck still needs some final sanding (at a later time) but for now I can think about the next step of putting a joint on the end.

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Shaping the Neck

Well today was the last of four days off. And I was able to get a bunch of work done. Hence three updates in four days.

So today I started in on shaping the neck. At first it seemed there was so much to consider I felt a little overwhelmed. But after getting into it things just got done one after another.

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Here I lay out the fret placement so I can find my location for shaping the heel.
Laying out the Heel Shape

Then I made a template and penciled in my shape on the neck.
Using Template for Heel Shape

Several relief cuts were made on the bandsaw.
Relief Cuts on the Bandsaw

Then I cut it out going as far as the nut taking it to a rough thickness. I also cut the headstock to rough thickness before this cut. The plane is tapered on the fingerboard side but a single thickness on the headstock.
Cutting on the Bandsaw

Then I sand it down about a millimeter from the line.
Sanding on the Spindle Sander

When I cut the taper on the sides I will lay it down. So I need to lay out the lines on the back.
Transferring the Measurements to the Back

And before I cut the taper and loose my square edge I have to cut the neck to length and put an angle at the joint. Here after I cut a one degree angle I am checking for how far above the bridge position the fingerboard sits. Ideally they say 2-3mm is best and the one degree angle I put on it it puts it about right.
Setting the Correct Neck Angle

Here I am checking how things line up by doing a three point line sight. If any one of the points is off the center plane I will be able to see it. Unfortunately you can’t see the two points at the other end because they are out of focus. Again things look pretty good.
Three Point Line Sight

Laying out the top-to-bottom taper of the heel. I will cut this out later.
Laying Out the Shape of Heel

Here is the neck after I have cut the taper on the bandsaw and shaped the headstock.
Neck Cut to Rough Size

The headstock after shaping it on the spindle sander.
Picture of Headstock

And finally the back of the headstock where I cut a rising incline to receive the volute. Not exactly sure of the shape but I will probably carve away to the semi-circle.
Back of Headstock

Tomorrow, the next day and the next day is work so see in a few days.

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