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Dovetail Neck Joint Jig

Finally got the neck joint jig ready for action today. This joint was all about preparation. The actual cut only took me about a minute but I spent several hours building the rig to cut it. It aint pretty and it’s a little bit cobbled together but it sure runs fine.

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I bought the templates from LMI. They are only 1/4″ MDF so I made a copy just in case.

Then I made a recess for the template in my top. The templates slide back-to-front to allow for adjustment in size of cut.

I ran a dado cut on the underside of the top to accept the board that the neck is clamped on. There is also another dado under the neck that has a tenon so the neck sits center.

Here’s a picture of the tenon. I am lining it up center to the template before screwing it in place.

Here I am checking how that center looks from the topside. You can also see I have the dovetail mortise template recessed on the opposite side.

A little further along. I now have both sides of the jig basically built. The board that holds the neck is hinged from the back side to allow for adjustment of the neck angle. The other side that holds the body is fixed 90 degrees. I have also added the toggle clamp to hold the neck.

Here I beefed it up a little in the front because I was getting a little sag with the weight of my router. I just use an F-clamp on the bottom.

I said earlier the neck side of the jig is hinged to allow for adjustment of the neck angle. Here is how the adjustment is done. I have a 10mm through bolt anchored in the back of the neck board and I can micro adjust with simple wing nuts anchored on the body side.

Here you can see the through bolt. There is also a wing nut on the inside of the body side to make it nice and sturdy.

Once all the set-up is complete and the neck is clamped in place it was a simple matter of cutting a dovetail tenon. All of 60 seconds.

The cut dovetail tenon. The top right corner appears to have a bit of tearout but it is only some wood fibers that didn’t get cut. They cleaned up easily. The jig cut a fine joint.

This dovetail neck joint jig was not difficult to make and made a somewhat difficult task easy. In the next step I will cut the dovetail mortise.

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