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Body Joint

Got the dovetail mortise cut on the body today. Compared to the dovetail tenon on the neck this was nerve wracking. the neck sits flat and firm in a cradle while the body is all rounded bumps and curves. Even with the jig I made it was still a difficult cut.

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For the jig I made a brace to the curvature of the body, where it will be clamped.

Then I dimensioned a block of plywood the same depth as the guitar body. This is for test cuts.

I proceeded to make several test cuts adjusting the template for depth each time.

Here you can see after I got the router cutting at the correct depth. The tenon fits in nice and snug.

Here I am ready for the cut and have the body clamped up.

Here you can see the cut joint. It came out fine but for some inexplicable reason it was not center back to front. I had to move it over a whole 2mm and shim the other side. Structurally and even tonally it is not a problem but after all that setup there was a bit of huffing and puffing. You can see also I have laid out the lines for access to the truss rod.

This is a straight forward plunge cut with a straight edge.

No worries there.

The neck attached to the body with the truss rod in place but not glued in.

An end shot showing the neck lining up nicely with the body. This is very important to get right. Even a slight off at the joint it will exaggerate down the length of the neck and be quite off.

As I pointed out my first cut was off center even though I checked quite thoroughly. I am not sure why that happened and will have to check it out again. Even so with the shim the end result is a nice fit and the neck lines up down the full length.

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