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Truss Rod, Heel Cap and Neck Glue-Up

Got a bunch of things done yesterday. Today I was out for a bike ride and then lounging around in the afternoon. I think I lost about 2.2 lbs in fluids. In other words it is hot.  So the bunch of things I did get done all centered around the neck.

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To start I glued in the truss rod. This is a single action rod that needs to be epoxied into the slot. You can see here I used some masking tape to keep the glue-up need and tidy.

The rod clamped into place.

Then I cut two pieces of wood for the heel cap; ebony and curly maple.

After gluing them together I put the wood through the drum sander to get the ebony as thin as the space you see on the neck where it doesn’t quite reach the binding.

After thinning it down I sanded it to rough shape and glued it on.

After gluing I sanded it to final shape with a sanding block.

After all the above was done I was ready to glue on the neck. On confirming the neck alignment I decided I needed a shaving to bring it over just a hair.

The neck glued into place. Up to now I have been using Titebond 2 for all the glue-ups but for the neck joint I decided to use hide glue just in case a neck reset has to be done in the future sometime. I tried using hide glue last winter and the stuff practically cured on the stick. Just too cold. Right now the weather is hot and I comfortably had about one to two minutes open time.

It is really taking shape now. Next I will be doing the fret board.

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