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Brassware Update

Yesterday I finished the brassware. The last step in completing it was slotting the pin heads, otherwise they were impossible to screw into the drill outs.

In order to slot the pin heads I had to make a tool that allowed me to fit the cutter onto my mill. It was a simple attachment that fits into the 20mm mill collet and then takes the cutter on a shouldered slot with a washer, and the cap held on with a 8mm hex bolt.

Here is my slot cutter attachment with the cutter attached.

Here is the cutter in action

Here are the shouldered pins with a 1.2mm slot cut into the heads 2mm deep.

And here are the pins in the legs of the step ladder. Inside view.

Outside view.

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Currently I am making a step ladder for use inside a house. A kind of utility ladder you might decoratively hang on a wall and and use it to reach those high shelves in your kitchen, etc.

When I was asked to make it my first thought was, “What am I going to do for the hardware?” I knew what I needed but I also knew I will have a lot of trouble finding it.

Around the same time I saw the lathe/mill combination machine you see in the below post. I had been thinking for sometime to get something that would allow me to make hardware (and possibly tools) and thought it would be just right. So I purchased it.

Here is my first attempt at making some brassware for the step ladder. I think I need to take a slower cut in order to get a polished finish but I am still working out the feed control panel so these are hand done.

These pins are 65mm in length, 16mm at the head, machined down to 12mm with a 8mm thread. I just have to slot them and they will be ready for use.

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