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Kitchen Prep Table

I have just started a new project. This one will be a kitchen prep table for my mother-in-law. A while ago she bought a table she could do prep on and eat at on occasion. It was a typical “all wood” table. In the center of the table was a inset that looked very much like a piece of marble for hot pots, etc. Soon after she bought it though she placed a hot pot on it and it bubbled, twisted and burned. She asked me to look at it and when I did I told her it was plastic and the table was basically a plastic laminate or something cheap like that. So I said I would make her something all wood with a real piece of marble in the center. Needless to say she is thrilled.

I will be using bubinga for this table with a piece of marble inset into the center.

Here I have the aprons and legs made. There will be two drawers on two opposing sides. For those I rip-cut the apron with my thin kerf blade to maintain the grain and then cross cut out the drawer fronts so the drawer fronts will have a nice continuous grain effect with the apron. Then I glue the aprons back up without the drawer fronts.

A little better view of the apron. I have also cut the cheeks of the tenons.


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