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Gluing the Back Plate

The back plate is done in the same procedure as the top plate. Sorry folks no pics for this step as it replicates the top plate glue-up.

1. Thickness the panels down to 2.8 mm. And then 2.5mm for the final thicknessing after glue-up.

2. Joint the mating edges in the bookmatched position with the panels taped together at the ends. This is something I like to always do if I am working with bookmatched stock. That way if the joint is even slight off 90 degrees when you open it up it will always mate perfectly.

3. Lay the panels down on a board still taped together, hanging over the edge and sand with a straight edge to 240 grit.

4. For this standard butt joint put the two plates together, raised in the center with a 6mm thick board and some wax paper.

5. Screw some blocks down to the work board keeping the plates snug together.

6. Apply glue to the jointed edge, pull out your stick in the center and gently press the two plates flat down onto the work board. Lay some more wax paper over top and clamp it down with some long reach clamps.

Here is the glued plate. In this picture I was contemplating putting a decorative seam (some of that curly maple I have left over from the kitchen counter) down the center but opted to not do it this time. I decided I just want solid rosewood this time.

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