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Incra Router Table

Not a guitar tool but most definitely a nice addition to any woodworking workshop. This project – not quite complete but almost there – took me quite a while to get to. The plate and fence set up has been sitting in a box under my bench for close to three years. But for what it is, it seems to be worth the wait.

I think the biggest reason it took me so long is space – I just don’t have enough and didn’t know what to do with a new router table in my shop. So I procrastinated and procrastinated and…

I think the big kick-starter for completing this though was a steel stand I got for free. So here it is.

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This is a fold up steel table stand I got from a neighbor who was going to throw it away. Perfect I said. I knocked the plugs off the bottom of the legs and re-fitted my own plugs so I could attach some 2x4s on wheels.

I was only going to have a top but decided to put a shelf underneath and then again decided to put a cabinet in there. So here it is with the cabinet without any drawers or door fronts on. I also changed the position of the wheels so it will roll in and out of my shop easier.

Here it is with the top, which is 1 inch mdf laminated between two sheets of melamine plastic, and a wood border. I also installed a miter gauge track.

Making the template for this was not so difficult. As you may know the only tricky part was the corners. But for that I had a forstner bit that matched the radius of the corners.

The router plate from Woodpeckers fits nice and snug. No more bending down and wrapping my knuckles to change bits.:D

I bought one of these JessEm switches that have two plugs in the back. When I turn the router on the vacuum will come on at the same time.

Here is the general layout. I will put drawers in on the far left and one on the bottom under the router. Then I will close up the router compartment and put door fronts on the the other cabinet spaces. I still need to make some ports for the vacuum hosing.

And finally a pic of the top with the fully loaded Incra fence system. Love their products.

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