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All Together

Got the ladder glued up this past weekend. After cleaning it up I pinned the lap joints and rounded the top corners.

The glue up.

Here is the completed ladder in the folded position.

And in the open position.

And a close-up of the pinned joints.

All that is left is to do some sanding and put some finish on it.

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Routing the Track

Finally got this task done. Seemed like it took me forever plus a day to do it. Every time I went down to the workshop I was thwarted somehow and had to put it off to the next weekend.

So here I am with some pictures of routing the track and seating it in its correct position when in the folded position.

My trimmer and the template. I am using a 1/2″ pattern bit. I like to use hardwood for my templates as they tend to hold their shape well.

This is the track routed on the inside of the outer legs.

Here is a front view of the ladder in the open position.

From the rear.

And down the middle.

Once that was done I needed to cut a recess into the inside legs so the ladder can close fully. For this what I need to use is a 1/2″ roundover bit, which I don’t have. So I had to cut it flat-bottom and then use my 1/2″ ball to round it on the inside.

Here is the flat-bottom cut.

I don’t have a 1/2″ with a roundover so I had to make do. I instead used my 1/2″ ball bit to make the back edge of this cut round.

Here is the result. Not bad, though I got some chip-out.

And here is what this was all about.

And again this is what I am after – a kind of shadow line that is level across when the ladder is in the folded position.

Now that this is complete I can look forward to glueing up this project next weekend (in the event nothing gets in my way).

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