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My Workshop

Just for fun here is a recent photo of my work space. The Incra router table is a bit of a dictator but worth it.

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#708 Sargent Plane

Bought this nice little Sargent plane the other day. I just tuned up the blade and gave it a few swipes on some wood I am working with on my current project. It is a number 708, which is equivalent to a number 3 Stanley. However this one has a nice fine tune auto-set adjustment on the cap.

I like it.

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Light Box for Glass Slides 2

So I got the main construction done and now want to move to putting some partitions inside. The partitions will serve as a place to anchor a light and to isolate the light to a small portion of the box.

I have the first partitions in place and want to find the place to cut the second set so the lap each other correctly.

When finding the position to cut I want to make sure the box is in the glued up position so I need a clamp to bring it home.

Once I find the position and mark it I stack all the partitions together and do a single cut. For your information I am using a Forrest Woodworkers Box cutting saw (I think it is called). One blade cuts with a kerf of about 5.2mm wide. Perfect for the 5mm ply I am using.

Don’t forget a backer board.

This is why you need a backer board. Nasty tear out.

All cut.

Cool. Maybe I should make a bookshelf instead.

Here I need to cut back the center as the slides are large and need more space than I originally thought.

I will try and take a day off this week and get some solid shop time when everyone is out of the house.

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Light Box for Glass Slides

There are some hand tinted glass slides in my family that came to us from my Grandfather on my mother’s side. The slides were taken in India around 1935. So the idea came that a wall hanging light box would be nice for viewing these slides. And so began this little project.

For my wood selection I choose bubinga and curly maple. The box will be about 400x300x80mm in size with a space to hold 3 slides in the center frame. The slides are 82.5×101.5mm (3.25x4inch).

After cutting my wood and dimesioning it I mark one side with a “V”.

Close up of marking.

I then cut my box joints on my Incra router table using a template for a 1/4 inch bit.  The mark I made in the above serves its purpose here as I want to keep the marked sides to the fence.

The magic key of an Incra fence.

Once the box joints are cut I dry clamp them to check the snuggness. They fit nice.

Close up of Incra box joint.


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