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Quick Stereo Cabinet

A little before and after. This is a small project I did to tidy up a corner in our living room. All too often what happens is the quick and dirty solution ends up being the default long term solution. Such was the case for the coffee table underneath the T.V. and then the stereo underneath the coffee table. The new stand, an inverted box on top of another box, is made with ash with a French polish, shellac finish.

Nifty features on this that make it stand out are the Golden Ratio proportions I used, the beading on the pedestal, and the round-over on the front and back edge. You may think that a simple round-over is not much of anything. however I tend to think it adds a touch of class when the bit is run off the edge and not continuously around. That is to say that on each corner of the cabinet edge you will see a straight 45 degree line. This is especially nice if the box has been mitered (this was doweled).



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