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Western Red Cedar

Interestingly, this tree is not a true cedar of the Cedrus genus but an evergreen coniferous belonging in the cypress family. And it makes sense considering the full aroma that is released when it is cut or sanded. I happen to have some Japanese Cypress (Hinoki) in my home I used for the slats of a bed frame. And it is very similar, with a gorgeous aroma that fills a room when it is cut or sanded.

This piece of burl was cut and dried more than 30 years ago and it still has the strong scent of greenwood when I cut into it. Beautiful.

Today I put a straight edge on the bottom, sanded it, and applied some shellac so I could see the beauty of the grain. Still not sure what to do with it. It measures 66x33x7.5cm.

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La Chappelle Workbench

As I have mentioned, I recently moved countries and am now living on the west coast of Canada, where I grew up. I love it here. The trees, the mountains, fresh waters, beaches, and oceans are magical. The wind, the rain, the sun, and the sea is in my blood. In all my life I have never strayed far from the ocean. And now, I am setting up a new workshop in this coastal paradise. And as always it is an evolving process.

Call it fate, call it circumstance, call it what you will. But in my search for tools, I was very fortunate to find this workbench in one of my garage sale searches. It is a La Chappelle workbench, made in Switzerland, circa early 1980’s. It was imported and sold by Lee Valley. In the early days of Lee Valley, when Leonard Lee expanded into woodworking tools one of the first items they offered was a workbench. This bench was purchased new from Lee Valley by a woodworking teacher in the Comox Valley. I am the second owner of the bench. It is pure joy to work on.

The vice handles glide like Laurentian skates on ice.

Text on the underside of the bench.

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Japanese Yaki-in

I thought you all might like to see this. I lived in Japan for many years. During my time there I acquired all the basic Japanese cutting edge and related tools; chisels, planes, hammers, saws, etc. One tool, however, that I got while there is one I designed and had hand-made for me by a traditional craftsman. It is what is called a yaki-in or a branding iron. There are many cookie-cutter type places you can get them made but the craftsman I chose makes the iron by hand. Consequently, it was a bit expensive but in my opinion worth it. The shop that made mine is located in Osaka. You can check out his web-site at

The kanji in the center is mokkou, which is woodworking in Japanese.

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Cherry Stool

It has been quite a while since I last posted. But I kept the site alive knowing I would get back to it. The fact is, though, I have been busy with various demands; two of which were moving countries and doing a house reno. The move is complete and a year and a half later I am still doing the reno. I have a couple of instrument projects I will get to eventually. One in cocobolo and the other in ziricote and small woodworking projects here and there.

One of the last pieces of furniture I did was a stool in cherry with ebony wedges. It went together without any problems and was a very satisfying project to do. Clearly, it is well proportioned, nicely figured, and stands defiantly as any stool should.

The second image looks a little distorted but I can assure you it is focal distortion from the camera lens.

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