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Old Steel Revitalized

There is something beautiful about bringing an old hand-tool back to life. The utility, look, and feel is entirely satisfying, on par with the craftsman’s creed of making beautiful pieces of furniture for practical daily use. Not to mention the patina of age and the history of hands that have touched it. This old socket chisel once belonged to my grandfather and when it came into my possession the cutting edge looked as though it had been used for the last 50 years to open paint cans. Now it holds a fine razor edge and is ready to be put to use. It measures 31.115cm (12.25″) end-to-end and has Canadian Champion stamped on it. A little research tells me the chisel was manufactured between 1870-1910 by Warnock, J. & Co. of Galt, Ontario, Canada. My grandfather was born in 1901 so it is quite possible this chisel belonged to my great-grandfather, a Scottish immigrant who farmed sheep in Metchosin B.C. until his early passing in 1915.

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Music in the Shop

Music is a big part of working in the shop (and my life in general) so I have created a new category – Music in the Shop. Here is a great live version of Love Minus Zero/No Limit

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