Western Red Cedar

Interestingly, this tree is not a true cedar of the Cedrus genus but an evergreen coniferous belonging in the cypress family. And it makes sense considering the full aroma that is released when it is cut or sanded. I happen to have some Japanese Cypress (Hinoki) in my home I used for the slats of a bed frame. And it is very similar, with a gorgeous aroma that fills a room when it is cut or sanded.

This piece of burl was cut and dried more than 30 years ago and it still has the strong scent of greenwood when I cut into it. Beautiful.

Today I put a straight edge on the bottom, sanded it, and applied some shellac so I could see the beauty of the grain. Still not sure what to do with it. It measures 66x33x7.5cm.

I like to save the shavings and put them in a bowl so I can have the scent around for a few days.


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