Laying out the X-Bracing

In this step I will begin to layout the X-bracing. X-bracing is the most common method of bracing for a steel string acoustic guitar. It was developed by C.F. Martin between 1840 and 1845.

In the first step I take my plans and make triangular cut outs at the end point of each brace with my Japanese kiridashi knife. I then lay the plans out on the back of the top plate and mark with a pencil each triangular section.

I then take a straight steel rule and join up all the points effectively laying out the brace positions.

With the positions marked I lay out the braces just to check things out. The braces are also quatersawn spruce with straight clear grain. Here I want to also mark my position for the half lap cut I will make at the intersection of the x.

Here you can see the x-brace joined with a half lap joint. It is a fairly snug joint. It is not yet ready for gluing up though.

Again I lay out the braces to check things out with the x-brace in position.

In the next step I will show you the method I used for making the radius dish shown in the above two pictures. This is what is used for putting an arch on the top and back plates.


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