Making the Drawer and Gluing the End Skirt Sections

Finally got around to doing some work worthy of posting this past weekend. I made the drawer, glued it up and started gluing up the table in sections, as well as installing the drawer tip stop.

The drawer will be one long drawer that can be opened form either side. Here I am sizing up the sides.

Here is the jointed and sized stock. I ran into a small problem with the drawer fronts. After sitting around for a month or two they twisted. I had about 1″ of thickness but after I got the twist out I was down to about 5/8ths. So that meant a pinned rabbet joint was out and I had to go with box joints. Not so bad but a box joint compromises grain integrity on the drawer fronts in my opinion.

Here is the drawer with the box joints cut.

Checking for size and fit.

With the bottom inserted. I am using 5mm birch plywood.

After completing the drawer I glued up the ends of the table in sections. I have found that in almost all things gluing masking tape is a godsend when it comes to cleanup.

Cleanup is a simple matter of removing the tape. No sanding is needed to remove ugly glue stains.

Fitting the drawer I have to do some hand planing.

I like to get this line nice and straight across for a good drawer front profile.

It is looking good but the final fit will be when the entire table is glued up.

And finally I installed the drawer tipping stop. For the runners I glue and screw but for the tip stop I usually just screw.

I will try and glue the last section of the table together before the weekend. Hopefully.


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