Bracing the Back Plate

Like the cat in the hat I’m stuck inside with all this rain today so I might as well move right along with the next post; Bracing the back plate.

Strike your center line with a pencil. Lay out the shape with the half template. Flip it over and do the same.

Take me to the river…. Oh sorry meant to say take it to the band saw and cut it out leaving about 1/4″ around your line.

I put it through the drum sander and took it down to around 2.6mm and then did the final thicknessing to 2.5mm by hand up to 240 grit.

Now I will glue some cross cut strips on the seam to strengthen it. Cross cut strips ensure it will never come apart.

Close up of cross cut strips. These are cut from the waste of the top plate and fit in between the braces so they only need to be around 6″ long.

Mark the top and bottom of the body and then mark the center point of where your brace will cross.

Cut the cross cuts to size and then I tape them together along a straight edge.

I then glue the strip on the back using my straight edge rule to keep it in line.

After it is all glued up I sand it and begin laying out the position of the braces.


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