Bracing the Back Plate

Moving along things have been going well so far. No major mistakes or difficulties to trip me up.

In the next step I will attach the braces to the back plate.

This pic was in the last step but I am posting it again as it is the beginning of the layout for the braces. Here I use a square to mark my center point of each of the four braces.

Then I use my square with the brace in position and mark where I will saw.

All four braces positions marked for cutting.

With my braces cut to length I check the layout.

Using my hand saw and a square block I cut across the spruce seam inside of my pencil mark. Then I carefully chisel it out and pare it back for a snug fit.

Everything in position I check for square. Looks pretty good.

Then I lay out the guitar and brace positions on the radius dish.

Put some sandpaper down and start sanding the radius into the brace.

Once all four are done I check for the fit. Again it looks good.

Then I do some rough shaping on the braces at the spindle sander.

And then finally glue them in position.

In the final step for bracing the back plate I shaped the braces with my block plane, scraper and profiled sanding block. The shaping is just round-over on the edges and a scallop on the ends.

I used a low angle block plane and profile sanding block on the length. The scallops were done before glue-up and then I used a scraper to get the ends down to 3mm.

Close-up of shaping.

Next step I move on to the sides.


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