Table Saw and Electrical Upgrade

After my last project (kitchen cabinets) I told myself that my next project was going to be a new table saw. This was a little more involved than just purchasing a new saw though. The problem was I only had 30a/100v electric service into my shop. I could have stayed with a 100v saw in the form of an hybrid saw but I couldn’t see the point of upgrading to a new saw if I was still going to be using an underpowered one. So that meant if I wanted to get a proper cabinet saw I would have to upgrade my electric service to 200v. Something I had been putting off for too long for the reason that it was a pain in the neck to do.

It took a little while to do as I had to brush up on house wiring, etc., and was short on free time. So I did a little studying, got all the supplies I needed and started work.

The criteria for this project was a 30a/200v electric power feed from my main house breaker to a sub-panel in my workshop from which I could run 100v/200v power lines to my equipment. I ran a 2.6mm three wire copper plus a ground for about 25 meters from the main breaker panel to the sub though conduits and junction boxes. The wire leaves the  house so I had to install a new ground as well.

The main breaker panel in my house is centrally located on the first floor. The distance to the outside wall I need to get to is about 3 meters. There is already an existing conduit from the panel to the outside but I was not able to use it.

This job is not yet complete but below are three pics I have. I would say at this point I am about 70% complete. Once everything is in place I will ask an electrician to come over and do the hookup just to make sure everything right.

Here is the wire coming out of the house into a junction box, into a PVC conduit, and then a second junction box.

This is just beyond the front edge of the house, just before where the wire goes down a stairwell. I managed to tap into an existing junction box from the opposite side of the wall and feed it through a hole in the concrete.

And here I have added a second conduit and fed the wire down through the existing hole in the concrete.


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