Table Saw Project Complete

Another project I can cross off the list. This was my table saw project. After my last project – kitchen cabinet – I told myself I won’t be making anything until I upgrade my  table saw. Unfortunately for me that meant I would have to do an electrical upgrade in my workshop as well as I only had one 100v line coming into the shop from when the house was built 12 years ago. So to do this correctly I would need to pull a 3 wire, 2 pole, plus ground, down to a sub-panel I installed in the shop 30 meters away from the house.

So I finally got this finished this past weekend. It took about two months working on days off intermittently. I wanted to get it done by the end of March and I almost made it but because I can only do it on weekends I got it complete April 11.

In Japan they do ground a little differently than we do in North America. They often use the neutral wire. So for this I did it the way we usually do in in N.A. When I completed the hookup I tested for ground by connecting one pole out of the two and the ground. If it came up to 100v I was good for ground.  Connecting the 2 poles to my tester also came up good to 200v.

After I completed the hookup I plugged in my new table saw purchased last month and fired it up.

Below are three pics of the new saw.

Out of the box.

With extension wings and router table insert.

I was lucky my Bench Dog router table is the same size.



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